John Pledges to Keep Corporate Money Out of Politics

Anyone who knows John, knows that honesty and integrity are core values for him. He has a life experience of service to his country and community. John spent 26 years of combined active and reserve service in the Marine Corps and has a long track record of volunteer service and success in local elected office.

Most importantly, he has a proven record of voting for what’s right, not for what is easy. While on the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, he stood up and voted against a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution when the remaining members gave in to special interests and public pressure.

It’s this integrity that has led him to join leading politicians in signing the American Promise, pledging to keep corporate and special-interest group money out of his campaign. John seeks to represent the people of the 5th District, not big business. John believes that politicians should be elected based on merit, not on how much money they can raise. To fix our government and make it work for the people, the representative for the 5th must be above corporate bribery.

We’ve seen how the National Rifle Association has influenced politics, preventing common sense gun legislation from taking effect. Our current President is now saying he is coming after Virginia to restore their Second Amendment right.  Virginia will need strong leaders like John who will stand up to the NRA, other special interest groups, and dark money.

John will bring integrity back to government and will represent the interests of the people. Can you help him get there? Remember to vote on June 23rd so your voice will be heard.